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“I believe people need safety and a feeling of connection and love in order to change. In a good learning relationship, the teacher becomes engaged in your dream, and provides support, strength and vision to help you achieve it.”

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I'm excited to learn more about your visions and dreams.

The first video in the Quiet Mind series will help you stop your negative thoughts by using a bodily felt-sense.

Embodied, Power-Informed 

Change, Communication & Coaching Skills

Skills for Change Lineage Bearer & Teacher

Master Somatic Coach
Writer, Public Speaker

Life can be hard sometimes. Skills for Change Coaching and Cooperative Communication tools help individuals accept the unacceptable about their circumstances so they can make life-affirming choices, speak their truth with vulnerability, and take powerful action. Whether at work, in relationships, creative projects, embodied life skills, healing from trauma, internal exploration or external activism, it's easier to make changes when the practice of change aligns with your values.

I bring both pragmatism and vision to my classes, writing and public speaking engagements. Skills for Change offers a Collective Liberation Toolkit. I imagine a future where people understand when to take care of themselves and when to negotiate, and have the tools to embody both empowered boundaries and collective collaboration.

My classes take place in person (when possible) and via Zoom and feature dialogue, embodied movement, bodywork, and a creative blend of video, audio, agreed-upon home skills-building practices, and anything else we need to bring your vision into form.

The best way to choose a teacher is to experience learning; sign up for a free 20-minute Empowerment Session to discuss your goals and decide together if Skills for Change is the right coaching approach and if I'm the right teacher for you.