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While change is a constant in our lives, many of us have difficulty making conscious changes for fear of mistakes, wrong decisions, negative consequences or failure. As a result, we can feel stuck or confused when it is time to transition in our work, relationships or habits.

This book provides a general theory of change, why and how we get stuck, and what we can do to make a shift. Through an exploration of common obstacles, we learn to recognize the truth about what is possible, identify the difference between our power and powerlessness, and make plans to achieve a positive future.

As we begin to understand how power affects our lives and relationships, we develop the knowledge we need to change. Change comes from our awareness of what we want, the choices that are available to us, and clarity about the collective forces opposing us. Our access to power arises from this knowledge, our thoughtful plans put into action, practice of new skills, and the support of our communities. Through a series of alterations in our patterns of thought, embodiment and relationships, we learn to change and thus discover compassion, satisfaction, inner peacefulness, and freedom.

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This video discusses how our lives are both personal and political. Our lives are affected by systemic power and when we try to change our lives by focusing on ourselves as individuals, we disempower ourselves.

Access to Power:

A Radical Approach for Changing Your Life

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