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This video is about how we can develop self-nurturing and self-compassion from our wise adult consciousness.

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We experience everything through our bodies. Sensation, the building block of experience, is a body-up rather than a mind-down phenomena. When our bodies are tense, numb, in chronic or acute pain, we are unable to experience the fullness of life.

Many of us choose to numb ourselves so we don't have to feel our feelings and sensations, but this is a short-term solution. Eventually the numbing and dissociation we practice begins to fail. And when we can't feel ourselves, we don't know what we need.

In Skills for Change Bodywork, we bring our attention back into our bodies. We open joints, muscle, tissues, so that our circulatory system can do its work with efficiency and success. We soothe the fight/flight safety system, reduce anxiety, and increase awareness, relaxation, and ease. If we've experienced trauma, either recent or historic, we de-sensitize the bodily and memory of trauma first, then integrate the trauma into our life story so that we can move forward.

We cultivate our embodied, wise adult consciousness so that bodywork isn't just an experience generated by the bodyworker. When we are aware of ourselves and our shape, we are able to perceive changes in our embodiment either internally or in response to our environment. This awareness allows us to return to a baseline relaxed state, so that we have maximum centeredness, presence and choice.

Because the body isn't just a vehicle for the mind, but inextricably linked to our consciousness, we are often able to produce extraordinary results. Our human response to stress can produce disharmony and even disease. When we are able to respond with compassion and awareness to our circumstances, our stress goes down, our feeling of safety increases and we are more likely to make choices that empower us.

Skills for Change Bodywork

Wilhelm Reich coined the term "armoring" for the horizontal bands of tension we store in our bodies under stress. Armoring is habitual contraction; in other words, the tension is usually unconscious and we are often unable to let it go even when we bring our consciousness to the area. Skills for Change Bodywork works directly with armoring bands to release the tension and then increases our self-awareness so that we inhabit ourselves in a new, more relaxed and open shape.

As Julia Kelliher, founder of Skills for Change Coaching says, "shame is pig in the body." Very often our negative emotions get stored in our cellular structure. We internalize our oppressive experiences, until we are so full we have no room for anything new. We perhaps become numb like teflon, deflecting our experiences, or hyper-reactive, unable to contain our experiences. When people struggle with anger, shame, fear, anxiety, chronic pain or fatigue, and stress, very often bodywork can help by emptying out historic, stored emotion and creating a new more spacious internal container, guided by our wise adult consciousness.

Learn more about how to become a Skills for Change Coach and Bodyworker here.

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