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We get thrown off center in so many ways. We might find ourselves spinning negative thought loops, or on an emotional roller coaster. Our bodies might tell us we have lost our center through ill health, injury, or a fall. We might feel spiritually lost or disconnected from purpose or meaning. Or, energetically drained and exhausted, we might desperately seek a way to boost ourselves back up.

It's not so important how we lose our connection to center. Rather, we want to focus on the art and practice of re-centering, learning to come back to center over and over again. This practice of re-centering not only teaches us a direct and confident relationship with our center, it also builds our capacity and resilience in the face of stress and trauma.

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The Centering Workshop is one of three parts to the Empowered Mind, Empowered Body series: 

1) The Quiet Mind course is designed to help you pay attention to the activity of your mind. Using a sound and a gesture, we will practice stopping any surface thoughts that cause bodily tension. As these thoughts quiet, we will contend with our underlying beliefs about ourselves and the world, make plans to deal with difficult situations, and embody physical interventions for physical tension and/or traumatic memories.

2) The Centering workshop  focuses on centering mind, body, energy, emotions and spirit. We'll practice centering techniques, talk about what throws us off, and determine successful ways each of us recenter ourselves from triggered states.

3) The Embodied Wise Adult Consciousness workshop focuses on developing our ability to locate ourselves in our "witnessing" consciousness. We'll identify where our wise adult consciousness is located, how we know we are operating from that consciousness, and design an adult-guided, child centric life that brings us greater joy, satisfaction and ease.

Combined, these three workshops help us experience self-love, self-trust, self-compassion,  and self-forgiveness. These skills provide us with the ability to accept the unacceptable when we are powerless, and to do what we can when we have power to make a change. Ultimately, we will embody the building blocks of inner peacefulness.

Enrollment in the Centering Workshop does not automatically enroll you in all three courses to A Path to (Inner) Peace. You can choose to do only the Centering Workshop, or continue on to participate in the other two courses.

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In this course, we'll consider center in it's myriad expressions in our lives. We'll review meaningful and practical methods for re-centering, and discover which ones work for us. 

We will explore the following categories of Centering:

  • Mental: our mind, thoughts, beliefs, and stories about ourselves and the world.
  • Emotional: our authentic expression, sharing and management of our feelings and emotions.
  • Physical: our sensations, health, diet and exercise practices. Our body image and satisfaction. Our sexuality.
  • Energetic: the aliveness and movement of energy in our bodies.
  • Spiritual/Values: Our spiritual awareness and/or our values, purpose and sense of meaning.

By the end of the course, we will have practiced centering and re-centering in each major category, and will have an opportunity to make a plan to increase our feeling of centeredness throughout our daily lives.


Access to Power: A Radical Approach for Changing Your Life is required reading for this course. You will have access to digital downloads of the chapters, but if you want the whole book, buy your copy here.

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