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In the lineage of Radical Therapy and Skills for Change Coaching, there's now a place to learn embodied change, systemic power analysis, and how to ask for 100% of what you want: 

The Folkloom School!

The Folkloom School's Skills for Change Coaching Program Includes:

Helplessness, powerlessness, feelings of overwhelm, anger, fear and judgment: these emotions and sensations build up and weigh us down.  Too much changes everyday to respond passively and without direction.  When we don't decide what we want, we leave the decision up to someone else, and often what they decide doesn't work: for us, our families, our communities, our planet.  It is not enough to wish for something to change; we must seek our vision of the future, and make it happen.

Students of the Skills for Change Coaching Program learn to help people craft the lives of their dreams.  True change, whether individual, community or collective, requires both a vision of what we want to create, as well as an understanding of the systemic forces impacting every decision, relationship and interaction.

The Skills for Change Coaching Program is designed to train coaches who masterfully guide clients to make changes in the everyday transactions that shape their world, and thus to shape not only their individual experience but their communities and the greater environment.

Skills for Change Coaches practice systemic power analysis and embodied practices, the creative, dynamic forces of Energy Awareness, Creativity and Writing Coaching, as well as Bodywork and couples, family, and group Mediation, Problem Solving & Conflict Resolution.

Weave the Skills...
Weave the Change...
 Weave the Future!

Download the Skills for Change Coaching Program Description and Application

Learn about how we internalize privilege and how the Empowerment Formula helps us address our life circumstances. This video includes an example of how Skills for Change Coaching's power analysis helps us understand systemic power and what we can do in the face of powerlessness, oppression and alienation.

The Skills for Change Coaching Certification Program at the Folkloom School