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Crossing the Threshold

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The art of reclaiming our wholeness is multi-part. Here is a list of steps I derived from my own experience:

  1. Accept the unacceptable.
  2. Replace internalized oppressive beliefs with non-dual life affirming ones.
  3. Release the grief and rage from my body.
  4. Open to sustained longing as the state of greatest receptivity.
  5. Experience inchoate despair for two weeks.
  6. Locate myself in my wise adult consciousness and learn to stay there.
  7. Practice Eknath Easwaren’s passages meditation using the Sutta Nipata.
  8. Experience timeless bliss.
  9. Remember the wholeness is who I am even when I’m not feeling bliss.
  10. Commit to the wellbeing of this precious vessel, and the conscious liberation of all beings in this lifetime.

I envision this course as a map or a guidebook to a journey that could take much longer or much shorter than the duration of the course itself. I think often about what it takes to allow ourselves to belong here, on planet Earth, in human bodies, as unique beings with extraordinarily personal perspectives. In this class, we will explore the nature of our experience, and the obstacles we must overcome to find a peaceful sense of belonging to this world.

Our capitalistic culture inculcates us with a sense of needing to "earn" our place. This feeling of "not being enough" is based on a valuation system that discounts us as "less than" unless we have met some external standard of success, goodness, beauty, lovability. We are divided from nature by artificial boundaries of property ownership, and it is a short path to de-humanization, isolation, and objectification.

In this class, we will explore the journey of belonging together. You will receive support to make your own navigation chart to uproot the tendrils of despair and self-loathing and to nourish yourself with life-affirming beliefs and practices that create sustainable satisfaction, internal ease, and connection to landscape and place.

I will share the practices that helped me "arrive" in my own belonging, and help you identify the obstacles to yours. 

It is my hope that this course will be the crucible in which you may burn away the inessential burdens of existence. It is my hope that this course will help you embrace and celebrate the precious vessel that is your body, the extraordinary miracle that is your consciousness, and the beauty of your achingly exquisite life.

When we belong on this planet, as beings connected with the wholeness of everything, we make choices and operate from a worldview that is inclusive, connected, and compassionate. The alternative -- believing that we need to earn our place, that we must somehow figure out how to be good enough, that there is a formula to success, a secret, that we must learn before we can be successful -- is life draining and disempowering.

This course will help you identify the steps between you and belonging, so that you can experience yourself and your life as a precious gift, one that is as unique as you are and as ordinary as the lives of all beings. While you might not embody every step during this course, you will understand the path, and write your own roadmap out of the internal wilderness of self doubt, fear, grief and suffering. May this course help you cross your own threshold. May you experience the peace of knowing you are more than enough.

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