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Self-paced course:

When we make decisions, we weigh many factors, some conscious, some instinctual. Sometimes decision making comes easily, and we fly through the process with ease and satisfaction, clear about what we want and how we want to get it. At other times, the experience of deciding can feel overwhelming, confusing, and mired in doubt. Yet we need to make a decision. What do we do?

In this course, we will explore the various ways that humans make decisions, our history as decision makers, and how we want decision making to feel. We'll uncover the obstacles that cause us to feel stuck and bring compassion to our challenges. From this basis, we will create a plan for how to make decisions in harmony with our experience, preferences and values. 

This is a quick introduction to the expansive world of decision-making. This course hopes to provide you with the clarity and understanding you need to make your decisions feel powerful, self-loving, and in alignment with your intentions. And, your existing decision-making process might require you to do some work to build self-trust, replace life draining beliefs with life affirming ones, and embody your wise adult consciousness. This course will help you identify where you are, where you want to be and the practices that will get you there.

As a teacher, I aim to provide students with a customized learning experience. I've coached hundreds of people individually, and I bring that experience to each teaching moment. Skills for Change is a comprehensive personal transformation toolkit, and I will bring whatever resources are needed to each interaction.

Decision-Making Revealed

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"Our decision-making process reflects our underlying beliefs about ourselves and the meaning of our lives. In order to change our experience with decision-making, we often need to reevaluate how we understand ourselves and how we belong."

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