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Empowered Boundaries

Skills for Change contributes to the conversation by supporting us to communicate our boundaries with clarity and compassion. By developing the negotiating skills of Cooperative Communication, we can learn to identify the rescue dynamic and ask for 100% of what we want.
I'm excited to begin this adventure with all of you. Each time I offer a course, I bring all the tools and resources I have available to the learning experiences of students. I am excited to share the power of Skills for Change and the dignity of Empowered Boundaries with all of you.
Course meetings: Wednesday, December 12 and 26, and January 9 from 3:30 - 5 pm PT.
Price: $99*
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Cost: $99*

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If a boundary doesn’t have a clearly identified moment of decision, it will be difficult to enact. This produces distrust of self and other. In identifying a boundary, tell yourself how to know when to move: “when I feel confused and overwhelmed, I will take space, recenter, and decide what I want from my own sense of self.” “When I feel irritated and disconnected, I will take space to analyze why, and determine what’s 100% of what I want.”

I created this course to help folx understand and practice the communication and embodiment skills required to hold and enact Empowered Boundaries. Our boundaries protect us by letting others know what we want and don't want. But sharing what we want is often not enough. We must show our boundaries with actions consistent with our values. Learning to communicate our boundaries is one skill, creating space when our boundaries are crossed is another.

In addition to boundaries, this course will introduce you to the concept of negotiating standards for shared space and resources. I find folx have a much easier time maintaining standards agreements when they participate in negotiating them. In addition to negotiating the standards, I often encourage folx to agree on the natural consequences associated with breaking the shared standards. This way, the results of failing to meet the standards are known and agreed-upon ahead of time.

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