We will consider different images, visualizations, practices and sensations that will help us:

  • explore energy images from nature and movement 
  • discover new ways to feel ourselves energetically
  • choose energetic "shapes" to suit our needs and circumstances
  • extend our presence to others to support their growth and learning
  • cleanse ourselves after contact with someone who unsettles us
  • use our intentions and visualizations to change our experience relating to others
  • discover practices that support our mood, feelings of aliveness, and resilience

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In 2003, after the death of my grandfather, I gave myself the gift of receiving a lot of bodywork. My coach lived out of town, so we would do two and three hour sessions, every three weeks or so. I spent much of the time during those sessions crying in deep shuddering breaths, letting my grief sound through the room in wails and sobs. Now, looking back on it, while grieving the death of my grandfather, I was also letting go of a lifetime of stored, embodied grief over separation and loss. At the time, it seemed like the crying would never end. Yet one day, suddenly, it did. One minute I was sobbing, and the next minute, silence descended. I had arrived at the end of the stored grief lodged in my body, and there were no more tears.

At one point during the process of letting go, I experienced an energetic opening in my hands and arms. I didn't understand what had happened to me: suddenly I couldn't touch electronic equipment without a static, electrical feeling of pain coursing through my hands and forearms. I couldn't touch my laptop keyboard, my cell phone, or my handsfree cordless phone without feeling a buzzing pain in my joints. I was puzzled, and confused about what had happened. I'd never heard of this problem before. Had I contracted a strange case of rapid onset arthritis? It was frightening and distressing, though I soon figured out ways to manage the pain. I bought headsets, a wired keyboard, and touched electronic equipment as little as possible.

It took about three months before a friend suggested I talk to someone who had trained at the Berkeley Psychic Institute. She said she knew what had happened and talked me through an energy cleansing practice. It worked! I no longer felt painful buzzing in my hands and arms when I touched electrical devices. She explained that I must have touched electronic equipment soon after one of my bodywork sessions, and the space in my hands and arms had been filled with electrical energy. I had never heard of anything like this happening before, yet it had just happened to me. I was convinced that regardless of "the Truth," I had just stumbled upon "a truth." We have energy bodies, and we can interact with them using our intention, visualizations, and our felt-sense.

I spent the next few years exploring the energetic images I had learned in that first conversation, and ones I gleaned by talking with many other people about my experience and the tools they used to explore their energy bodies. Someone pointed me toward Eric Franklin's work with Image Anatomy and I spent a year in my yoga class teaching his imagery for different parts of the body, to support a more dynamic movement practice. I took all of these experiences, and created a lexicon of energy images that I used as a teacher and a coach to help myself and my clients shift our experience of our energy, our bodies, and our moods.

Clients kept asking me to teach a class covering all the different images I had explored, and I finally created the first version of this course in 2010. There's an advanced course as well, and I offer it occasionally when there are enough interested students to convene a group. Over the years, people have created their own images using these techniques and I'm always fascinated to hear what works for them.

I hope you join me to discover more about your own energy awareness.