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"When our identity both liberates and endangers us, we must empower ourselves as individuals, join together with others to normalize and celebrate our identity, and take collective action to change the way we are treated in society."

Click here to get more information on our local PFLAG chapter, the largest group of family and allies in the United States. Our local PFLAG chapter has weekly support groups for family and allies, LGBQ+ and Trans folx.

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Inclusive Coaching

As a bi/pansexual cisgender woman, I've been exploring my own identity for  most of my life. Whether you have been out for decades, or are just now questioning and exploring your identity, it is my commitment to provide a safe and compassionate environment for all the work required to follow a non-normative path through the world.

Skills for Change is a power-informed approach to analyzing transactions along the intersections of our embodied state (mood, energy, emotions, internalized oppression, ego-state, survival responses, trauma, body), our actions and the actions of others (observable facts including movement, nonverbal and verbal communication, and even non-action and how power affects these actions in terms of hierarchy, cooperation and hybrids of both), and our context (historic, social, cultural, community, ecosystem & weather, oppression & privilege.)

By understanding what happened in a particular transaction, we can both explore our motivations, instincts and skills, as well as 

I work hard to stay connected with radical queer culture and community and to bring cultural and identity-sensitive, inclusive practices to coaching relationships. If you need me to do work to support you, I am open  to reading/watching suggestions and also do my own research.

I am committed to fighting for rights to freedom, identity and inclusion for all community members.

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