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Watch the video to learn more about how the Rescue Dynamic affects relationships.

"Conflict isn't inherently bad. It helps us find our voice, our preferences, our needs and to differentiate ourselves from the people around us. As David Schnarch says, relationships are 'human growth machines.' When we ask for what we want, regardless of the solution, we stand in our power."

Click here to download "Preparation for a Mediation." This document will help you do the pre-work for your first session.

Skills for Change Mediations offer people a safe space to share their feelings and stories, ask for 100% of what they want 100% of the time and negotiate new agreements.  In mediation sessions we focus on couples, families, friends, community organization leaders, work teams and group members learning skills they can use to make their relationships more cooperative, healthy and satisfying.

We normally schedule longer sessions, so we have enough time to hear from everyone, create a shared analysis that shapes our work, and negotiate new ways of being together.  We identify differences in power, learn tools such as the Rescue Triangle, Pig Fighting, and Clearing Held Feelings and Stories, and practice the changes we hope to achieve through embodied standing and movement practices.

Unlike traditional therapy, in Skills for Change Coaching, we are more interested in the future than the past, and we focus on creating our relationships at the transactional level. When we change how we interact, conversation by conversation, we change the fundamental nature of our shared experience.