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I'm excited to learn more about your visions and dreams.

"We've been trained in this culture to think about what others want more than we think about what we want. In Skills for Change Coaching, we consider 'what's 100% of what we want?' Instead of trying to figure out how we can fit into other people's needs and plans, we begin with the fullness of our own desires, our own needs and plans. We are much more likely to get what we want when we ask for it. In a career change, this shift of focus transforms what is possible. "

Resume and career coaching helps you identify work you love doing, and strategize how to present yourself to get more of what you want. We begin with a discovery conversation to determine what services best fit your needs.

For solo entrepreneurs, we might discuss your offer, brand and strategy, and create short and long-term plans to take you and your business in the direction you want to grow. If you need a bio, we can write one or several versions for the various audiences you intend to reach.

For job seekers, we review your existing resume, imagine the job of your dreams, ideal organizational culture fit, and your strengths and accomplishments. I will then write a resume that expresses your unique combination of passions and talents and how they fit into your target industry. It can be helpful to identify some ideal job postings so that I can match the tone and key words in the summary and accomplishments. I can help you post your resume to LinkedIn, and decide whether a personal website will assist your job search.

Career coaching operates very differently from just hiring a "resume writer." I bring my coaching expertise to support you as you envision your future work, and identify a path from where you are to where you want to go. I love helping people explore what is possible and then experiment to discover what works and what feels good. Dreaming about what you want is the first step in making your new life a reality.

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