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"Our safety reflex is a combination of historic, embodied habits and practices designed to avoid danger and powerlessness. When we develop our wise adult consciousness, we gain the opportunity to redesign our habits according to our life-affirming beliefs."

Skills for Change Bodywork Workshop

Release and Transform Internalized Oppression

  • Do you want to help others gain internal, physical freedom from pain, stored emotions and trauma?
  • Does the body fascinate you and do you want to learn more about the way we embody our stories and beliefs?
  • Do you want to learn how to help clients increase their self-awareness, feelings of spaciousness and choice, and locate themselves in their embodied wise adult consciousness?

Become a Skills for Change Bodyworker and start your new career.

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Learn how the Parent-Adult-Child model helps us develop our embodied wise adult consciousness, and build self-trust, self-compassion and self-forgiveness.

Skills for Change Bodywork develops the following skills:

  • Identify and reveal patterns of unconscious holding.
  • Learn to normalize, feel, discern, soothe and fight internalized oppression.
  • Release historic trauma from the body.
  • Support others as they replace life draining with life-affirming beliefs.
  • Explore the seven pig messages and how they are stored in the body.
  • Increase resilience, choice and freedom from "I can't," "I'm confused," and "I'm not enough."
  • Learn bodywork techniques to free the joints from tension and restriction.
  • Focus on bodily holding patterns and understand emotional and historic shaping.
  • Develop greater embodied wise adult consciousness; help shift your clients’ lives so they are adult-guided and child-centric.
  • Embody an inviting presence that cultivates clients’ presence, release of holding patterns, self-confrontation and self-compassion.
  • Recognize armoring bands and support clients to de-armor their bodies.
  • Learn a simple way to dialogue with holding patterns in the body using the four questions.
  • Transform clients’ relationships with their bodies and their physical wellbeing.
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Especially as we're growing up, we humans internalize beliefs & messages from the culture and the thousands of daily transactions that take place in schools, family, work, friendships, organizations, and community. 

As young people, we strive to be accepted, safe, and to find places and people with whom we belong.  We shape ourselves to fit in  -- and often, once we have arrived in adulthood, these shapes, beliefs, and messages remain.  Some of these beliefs, messages and shapes support us, and some limit us.

What is Skills for Change Bodywork?
Based on the theoretical concepts of Radical Therapy, the embodied practices of Skills for Change Coaching and Bodywork help to normalize your experience in a social context, understand and reframe your situation to allow you the greatest choice and power available, and strategize problem-solving and community solutions that provide clarity and engage support so that you can take new actions.

Skills for Change Bodywork includes de-armoring bodywork, skills building practices, conversation and homework, and generates an understanding of how systemic power impacts the body. We'll engage a combination of standing practices, reflection, conversation, and bodywork to open and release historic patterns that limit your clients’ expression and possibility. 

The Skills for Change Bodywork Workshop

This workshop is open to individuals, coaches and practitioners who want to add Skills for Change Coaching theory and practices to their repertoire of skills.  This is also a prerequisite course to complete the Skills for Change Coaching Certification Program. For a list of upcoming scheduled workshops, click here. To enroll in Skills for Change Coaching Workshop or to request a free conversation to discover if the workshop is right for you, send me an email.