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Learn Skills for Change Coaching
Skills for Change Coaching is one of the few coaching approaches that begins with an analysis of systemic power in someone’s life.  Rather than assuming that a client is capable of making a change individually and that the only obstacle is internal, Skills for Change Coaches help clients assess their internalized and external power and oppression to determine how real scarcity of resources, energy, skills, and power could be impacting their efforts.

Once client and coach have an understanding of how systemic power is influencing the client’s progress, Skills for Change Coaches then bring the most current and effective transformative change practices to help the client achieve their intended outcomes.  A session might include conversation for insight, standing practices for development of skills and embodied aliveness, and bodywork to create more ease and space for choice.

The Skills for Change Coaching Workshop
You’ll learn the key theoretical models and practices that make Skills for Change Coaching so successful in helping clients get more of what they want in relationships, communicate more cooperatively, and achieve their dreams.

The workshop/apprenticeship program is open to individuals, coaches and practitioners who want to embody Skills for Change Coaching theory and practices. It is also a prerequisite to be certified as a Skills for Change Coach. For more information on the Skills for Change Coaching Certification Program, click here. For a list of upcoming scheduled workshops, click here. To enroll in Skills for Change Coaching Workshop or to request a free conversation to discover if the workshop is right for you, send me an email.

Skills for Change Coaching Workshop

In this workshop, you will:

  • Apply the Alienation and Liberation Formulas to understand and design change processes
  • Complete a Personal Power Inventory of your systemic privilege and oppression.
  • Learn to normalize your client’s experience. Use the Thought Cleanse tools to help clients achieve inner peacefulness.
  • Help your clients create a coaching contract, design measurable progress assessments, and experience satisfaction on the path.
  • Learn the power of analyzing transactions and designing transactional changes to change patterns and build skills.
  • Make a Depletion/Replenishment plan and guide others to do the same
  • Practice asking for 100% of what you want, saying no, and making counter offers.
  • Understand how the Rescue Dynamic affects relationships.
  • Increase your resilience, choice and freedom from "I can't," "I'm confused," and "I'm not enough."
  • Explore the five responses to Power Plays.
  • Discover the difference between self-centric, other-centric, and shared stories.
  • Learn the Cooperative Communication Model, including sharing Held Feelings, Stories, and Paranoia, validating truths, and negotiating to agreement.
  • Understand the Appreciation Economy and how to rebalance power in relationships using appreciations.
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Learn how our shame/blame response is a safety strategy to deal with our powerlessness. Skills for Change Coaches help clients locate themselves in their wise adult consciousness to make contextual, successful responses to specific transactions.

"Working with a Skills for Change Coach, you'll discover the most efficient path to change: self-compassion plus pragmatic planning plus embodied practice."

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  • Do you want to understand a theory of change and how to teach others to make the changes they seek in their lives?
  • Do you want more knowledge about power and how to analyze it, optimize your personal power, and share power with others in community?
  • Do you believe embodiment requires practice and change happens with and through the body?

Become a Skills for Change Coach and get started in your new career.

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