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Experience the power of the Cooperative Contract in relationships:

  • Discover the Cooperative Contract: “No secrets, no lies, no rescues, no power plays.”
  • Learn the Cooperative Communication model, including observable facts, sharing held feelings, stories, and paranoia, validating the kernel of truth, asking for 100% of what we want 100% of the time, and negotiating to agreement
  • Learn to identify and switch between self-centric, other-centric, and shared stories
  • Use the Rescue Dynamic to reveal client responses to scarcity and powerlessness in relationships
  • Lead clients through embodied practices that represent how their relationships work currently, and ways to practice the change they seek
  • Understand how Depletion impacts conversations and negotiations and generate solutions to systemic problems.
  • Explore the five responses to power plays.
  • Increase your use of time, space, breaks, replenishment, waiting and separation to problem-solve irreconcilable needs
  • Understand the appreciation economy and how to rebalance power in a relationship using appreciations

Learn the Skills of Cooperative Communication

  • ​Do you end up listening to friends discuss relationship problems without knowing what to say to support them?
  • Do you wish you knew how to communicate clearly step-by-step so that you felt understood and could help others feel heard?
  • Have you ever wanted to lead group conversations and negotiations so that people could share power and get the most out of agreements

Become a Skills for Change Mediator and start your new career.

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We often struggle to communicate when our words, body language and energy are filled with mixed messages: internalized oppression, self-focused stories, shame, blame, tension, anxiety, anger and fear. When we receive listening built on trust and compassion, our body begins to relax; then we may offer open-hearted listening in return.

Based on the Cooperative Contract: “No Secrets, No Lies, No Rescues, No Power Plays,” the Skills for Change Mediation Workshop will teach you radical ways to communicate, cooperate, and problem-solve in your intimate, family, work and community relationships.

Slow Down to Speed Up: Make Relationships Work Transaction by Transaction
Skills for Change offers a model for communication that slows down interactions, separates feelings from stories & paranoias, and generates validation as the first step to build understanding. When systemic power dynamics are at play, you’ll learn a method for unpacking and prioritizing the topics of a conversation so you can create lasting solutions for change in relationships.

We'll engage a combination of practice mediations, role playing, standing movement practices, conversation, writing & reflection to help you guide others in couples, family, workplace, organizational and community mediation and conflict resolution sessions.

This workshop is open to individuals, coaches and practitioners who want to add Skills for Change Mediation theory and practices to their repertoire of skills. Students enrolled in Skills for Change Mediation must take Skills for Change Coaching as a prerequisite. This is also a prerequisite course to complete the Folkloom School’s Skills for Change Coaching Certification Program. A schedule of classes may be found here. To enroll or arrange a conversation to discuss the program, send me an email

30-Day Quiet Mind Workbook Free Download

Learn how to ask for 100% of what you want in order to create lasting, sustainable agreements.

"The Cooperative Contract helps us cultivate intimacy with others, and also, more importantly, with ourselves."

Skills for Change Mediation Workshop