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Skills for Change

"Skills for Change Coaching is helpful because we look at what's happening, specific transaction by specific transaction. When we know what we want to change, we can identify what's in the way (power), and what we need to practice (embodiment). If the change we seek requires a new skill, we envision a practice that helps us embody the skill. If there is opposition to the change, we analyze the power, negotiate with others, seek collective support, or perhaps, if we are truly powerless, accept the unacceptable, and find another way to meet our needs."

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Skills for Change Coaching is an approach to personal, relationship, family, and community change that recognizes the influence of systemic power on our lives and relationships, and thus generates understanding, choice, and opportunity.

Central to the principles of Skills for Change, we believe that we as individuals internalize and thus embody the values and beliefs we are surrounded by as we grow up. Sometimes we are conscious of these internalized values and beliefs and we may then choose something different. But often we have internalized values, habits, practices, thoughts and stories that don't reflect our values or our current state of power and safety.

Skills for Change Coaching is unique in that we work through the body to create personal change by practicing skills for the future we want while releasing the patterns of the past, and recognizing the differences between what we can change and influence as individuals and what must be changed by collective action.  By acknowledging where we are powerless, we gain greater power over that which we can influence, and spend less energy trying to change something that we cannot impact by ourselves.

Learn more about how coaching with Skills for Change can help you change your beliefs and change your life. If you want to learn more, buy the book Access to Power: A Radical Approach for Changing Your Life.

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