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Self-paced course:

Embodied Wise Adult Consciousness

This course will help participants embody our wise adult consciousness, gain peace in our decisions, relationships and daily transactions with others, and ultimately develop self trust and self love. We will work with our beliefs and values to identify what is meaningful to us, and to uproot limiting, life draining beliefs. We will look for ways in which we undermine our relationship with ourselves, and identify practices to help us shift. We will use the parent-adult-child model from transactional analysis to see how our embodied, historic habits and patterns are rooted in survival strategies and learn ways to practice the changes we want.

I hope you'll join me as we embark on this exciting path of self-discovery, empowerment and liberation. It is inspiring to watch people gain power and choice in their lives, and there is a deep love and compassion that develops within us as we participate in a community growing and learning together. I would be honored to be your guide on your own journey of self-trust, self-love and inner peacefulness.

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The Embodied Wise Adult Consciousness Workshop is the third of three parts to A Path to (Inner) Peace: 

1) The Quiet Mindworkshop is designed to help you pay attention to the activity of your mind. Using a sound and a gesture, we will practice stopping any surface thoughts that cause bodily tension. As these thoughts quiet, we will contend with our underlying beliefs about ourselves and the world, make plans to deal with difficult situations, and embody physical interventions for physical tension and/or traumatic memories.

2) The Centering workshop  focuses on centering mind, body, energy, emotions and spirit. We'll practice centering techniques, talk about what throws us off, and determine successful ways each of us recenter ourselves from triggered states.

3) The Embodied Wise Adult Consciousness workshop focuses on developing our ability to locate ourselves in our "witnessing" consciousness. We'll identify where our wise adult consciousness is located, how we know we are operating from that consciousness, and design an adult-guided, child centric life that brings us greater joy, satisfaction and ease.

Combined, these three workshops help us experience self-love, self-trust, self-compassion, and self-forgiveness. These skills provide us with the ability to accept the unacceptable when we are powerless, and to do what we can when we have power to make a change. Ultimately, we will embody the building blocks of inner peacefulness.

Enrollment in the Embodied Wise Adult Consciousness Workshop does not automatically enroll you in all three courses to A Path to (Inner) Peace. You can choose to do only the Embodied Wise Adult Consciousness Workshop, or continue on to participate in the other two courses.

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We locate ourselves in our wise adult consciousness when we observe ourselves experiencing our life at the same time as we experience it. This extraordinary capacity of consciousness creates immense space and possibility. Through this capacity of self-observation, we gain power in our choices and responses. Many of our life circumstances are beyond our control, and through embodying our wise adult consciousness, we build the skills required to accept our powerlessness, accept the unacceptable, and make empowered choices to exercise our authority and influence and do what we can with the power we have.

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