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Watch the video for a discussion about how change happens and the effects of habitual patterns on our perception. (This is very useful when contending with writer's block!)

One step at a time...that's how writing happens.  Whether it's a book, article, web page, business proposal, epic poem, or song lyrics, what you're writing happens bit by bit, a word here and a word there, until you have the whole, brand-new, never-before-existed whatever-it-is in your hands.

I am a writing process coach and I love helping you bring your unique voice into the world. I provide feedback on what’s special in your writing and how to reach your ideal reader. I help you design successful strategies for incorporating writing into your life, and for achieving your writing dreams. I am especially interested in the creation of original work – this happens through accurate documentation of your particular approach, or through a dedicated study of what exists and what is needed next. Plus the extraordinary, inspired work of creation!

Once your project is finished, I support you in creating a market strategy, whether via traditional publishing or self-publishing, and a project estimate considering time, finances, and resources. I also provide referrals for services you may need along the way. Bringing something original into the world requires both the creative process and also the launch, marketing, publicity and sales process. Through our work together, your vision for the project becomes a reality.

“The original, the audacious, the extraordinary simply doesn’t exist until someone makes it, dances it, sings it, writes it.”

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Writing Coaching

Writing Process Coaching Includes:

  • Writing Regularly
  • The Way One Writes
  • Voice and Point of View
  • Writing for Your Audience
  • Managing Internal Critical Messages
  • Working with Reactions to Writing
  • Organizing the Manuscript 
  • Getting Feedback
  • Revision and Rewriting
  • Cultivating a Theme
  • Publication Strategy
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Self-Publishing 
  • Assembling the Submission Package
  • Book Launch 
  • Marketing Planning & Implementation
  • Distribution & Logistics
  • Optimizing Your Backlist
  • And Much More... 

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